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Custom African Clothing

Africa has one of the most unique cultures around, and that includes their clothing and style. The African Cowgirl recognizes the special beauty of African clothing, which is why we offer custom African clothes for you to buy on our site. Stand out from the crowd with our custom African clothing below.

Enjoy the Colors and Flair of Africa

Heidi Nicole Peterson founded The African Cowgirl after spending time in Senegal in West Africa. The beauty of the culture and the bold patterns and bright colors of their clothing inspired her. She created The African Cowgirl so that she could work with the artists and tailors in Senegal. This team of fashion experts brings her designs and ideas to life in an authentic way.

From vintage African cowboy designs to more modern dresses and tunics, you can find any type of African clothing that you want on our site. Scroll down to see the list of clothing that we offer right now. And because we custom-create each piece that you buy, you’ll get a shirt, dress, or jacket that fits you perfectly.

Click on the image below to begin your purchase. Or, if you have any questions about our business or our products, contact us today.

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