The African Cowgirl company was founded by Heidi Nicole Peterson who

decided during her travels to Senegal that she wanted to collaborate with the artists/tailors of Senegal.

She is creating wearable art that incorporates African wax prints, theatrical Western

sensibilities, fair trade standards and educational opportunities for youth and women.



These Senegalese tailors make Heidi Peterson's wearable art desgins come to life to create The African Cowgirl. The tailors are fairly paid for their work. The African Cowgirl is working towards being a co-op of designers, seamstresses, tailors and artists in Senegal and Denver.

Alpha Sow

Moudou Fall

Ousmane Gueye


Papa Mboge


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OOMPH SPIRIT Oomph-Spirit a 501(c)(3) organization is dedicated to supporting the well being of humans, children and animals hrough education and events. Oomph- is working with artists, artisans. and tailors to bring arts education to youth in Gueoul, Senegal. Now in it’s second year GueoulARTS has added theatre, sewing and drumming to it’s curriculcum. 


GUEOULARTS is an arts and trades school in the small town of Gueoul, Senegal working with underserved children to provide arts andtrades education.

Alioune Badara Wade, is featured artist and director of the "GueoulARTS" program. 

Check out GueoulARTS on Facebook.

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The Copper Children is a folk band from Denver blending original soul and psychedelic rock into a moving performance. Like a roller coaster, their “Psychedelic Gospel” experience leaves audiences feeling transported to the rail-yards of freedom.  Over the past three years the band has performed for audiences at Summer Camp, Northwest String Summit, Arise Music Festival, and several national tours around the United States. They have released three albums, "Copper Child", "What We Are" & "Speaking in Spirits". The lead vocalist of The Copper Children, Zea Stallings had been to Gueoul twice and lead music workshops and events with the youth.


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